All about hips - restoring hip mobility

All about hips - restoring hip mobility

This subscription course will help you

  • restore and maintain hip mobility
  •  avoid development of or recover from arthritis, bursitis, strains and other injuries
  • improve athletic performance and flexibility
  • improve lower back health and posture

$30 monthly subscription

This course is designed for a person with any level of strength or mobility. It is beneficial for athletes, kids or seniors. Do it at your own pace and listen to your body

We will be updating this course every week with new interesting videos to keep you engaged. Start with the main course and then follow with weekly lessons and additional videos. We have some videos in Russian language, we title them accordingly.

Jane Kabarguina - Restore hip mobility

The key to success is consistency and determination. if you have that we can help you with any questions you might have, email us at