Due to Covid-19 Lockdown we will not run any group classes till mid January

Stress Release Yoga – Gentle Yoga practice designed to free the mind through graceful movement of body, releasing nervous clams in face, neck and spine in order to prepare to withdraw most of the senses and modify subconscious level during meditation.

Silver Yoga (Seniors Yoga) – created in respect to a wisdom of this beautiful age of curiosity and gracious moving. This class addresses the most common physical challenges such as arthritis, high blood pressure, lower back pain, lower vision, and helps to heal and return your smile, giving new opportunities.

Spine restore* –  unique sequential program designed by the owner of the studio based on the healing experience of her own past illnesses and injuries as well as working with other people and studying ancient and modern techniques of not only healing but waking up the spine’s energy and forgotten physical abilities. This sequence generates an unbelievable amount of energy among the participant’s body and boosts brain activity.

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