No More Back Pain: The Unknown Secret of Yoga Teachers

No More Back Pain: The Unknown Secret of Yoga Teachers

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to Relieve Back Pain with Yoga
  • Reduce your Lower Back Pain through SAFE Exercises of ALL Related Joints and Muscles
  • Strengthen All of the Deep Muscles of your Spine through different Stabilization Poses
  • Protect your Spine and Keep it Healthy in your Everyday Life by Avoiding Unnecessary
  • Learn what kind of Movements are Injurious for your Spine
  • Increase your Mobility and Flexibility through the Stretching Poses and Exercises
  • Increase your Stamina through Dynamic Exercises
  • Prevent Back Pain through Yoga. Live a Medication Free Life


Course content

15 sections • 66 lectures • 9h 52m total length
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course includes:

  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • 1 practice test
  • 2 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

No More Back Pain The Unknown Secret of Yoga Teachers PreviewRequirements

  • No Pre-Requisites. However, some knowledge of yoga will be beneficial.
  • What you need:
  • One or Two Yoga Blocks
  • Chair
  • Yoga Mat


Welcome to Yoga for BACK PAIN Course! This professionally designed Yoga Course is a Yoga Combination Program that has more than one static and dynamic poses and movements for different body parts. It is recommended for addressing the area of pain and the areas that could be affecting the area of back pain (e.g. if a problem exists in the upper part, exercising the lower part is equally essential).

There are certain poses that are harmful to the spine when you have back pain. This Back Pain Course contains only SAFE POSES and SAFE MOVEMENTS specifically for the spine that has serious degenerative conditions.

There are many Yoga programs that do not understand anatomy of spine degeneration process and, therefore, keep injuring their students. They don’t understand how the condition of the extremities relate to the spine back pain. They lack the warming up exercises for the arms and legs, they have no strengthening of the arms and legs and mostly keep their attention on STRETCHING BACK MUSCLES. We always need a balance between flexibility, strength and proper mobility of all of the joints around the spine. First, we need the mobility of the nearest joints that hold the spine, which are the biggest joints in our body – the hip joints. They have to be perfectly mobile (meaning they have to move in their full range of motion). Then we have to make sure that hip joints are strong enough to hold the pelvis and spine in the proper upright position. For this we need to work on strengthening the biggest muscles in our body – quadriceps, hamstrings and especially group of gluteal muscles, since they attach directly to lower back.

Recent studies in people with mild to moderate chronic low back pain suggest that a carefully adapted set of yoga postures may help reduce pain and improve the ability to walk and move. Yoga stems from ancient Indian philosophy. As practiced today, it typically combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.

The researchers from Boston University found that all three groups in the research reported improvement in physical function and back pain reduction. However, people in the yoga and physical therapy treatment groups were significantly more likely than those in the education-only group to stop taking pain relievers after one year. These findings suggest that a structured yoga program may be a reasonable alternative to physical therapy for people with chronic low back pain.

“There are now a number of studies, including ours, that show that yoga is effective for chronic low back pain, but until ours those studies included mostly white and middle-class individuals,” dr.Saper explains. “Chronic low back pain disproportionately impacts those who are economically disadvantaged. Therefore, we feel that it was important to test whether the yoga would be received well by an underserved population as well as being effective.”

Back Pain Facts:

  • Globally, 540 million people suffer from back pain at any given time.

  • 8 out of 10 people in the United States experience back problems at least one or more times.

  • 50% of all Americans that are employed, about 80 million workers, claim to have back pain every year.

  • Overweight people and women over 30 years of age are the most at risk of developing chronic pain in the lower back.

  • Back pain is listed as one of the top 10 most common causes of employees missing a day of work.

  • About 4 out of every 10 clerical workers, or people employed in an office, have pain in the lower portion of their back.

Researchers anticipate that nearly 80% of US citizens will experience back pain at some period in their life.

Who this course is for:

  • From Beginners to qualified Yoga Teachers
  • Anybody with an interest in Yoga, teaching Yoga for people with back pain
  • Anybody with back pain
  • Yoga teachers who would like to expand their skills and knowledge
  • Health care professionals who want to provide the therapeutic benefits of Yoga to their clients
  • Health & wellness professionals who would like to utilize Yoga in their practice