Oh, yes, we got the date – July 27th!  11 am  –  Complimentary Yoga Class and 12 pm – Raw Food Potluck. Cross your fingers for the weather above our property, because we want to do everything outside!

The rules are very simple – come for Yoga class (if you like) and/or come to the

dandilaions at Hidden Forest
What you can eat from your backyard

Potluck with the Raw Food dish that is enough for 20 people to taste. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned with the updates on this event and to RSVP, because we are going to have some surprises and place is limited. The first one is related to Nourish Restaurant and Cafe

Bring your plate, fork and spoon (who knows, may be there will be some soup?). If you have no idea what to bring just search the Internet or buy from reliable sources such as Nourish, Rawlicious or Nature’s Emporium.

Your investment – $5

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  1. I didn’t get this info. I like the page on Facebook. I really want to come to the next raw food potluck !

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