Winter at Hidden Forest Yoga Studio

Many of us eat a lot during holidays and then decide to fast a little bit to clean out our bodies with juicing. Since we already learned that pine needles are good for us (1/2 cup of crushed pine needles=1 lemon=5 oranges by Vitamin C content and don’t even try to compare wild-growing pine trees with organic oranges, it is like comparing an eagle with little foreign baby chicken that never knew how to fly), we are going to use pine needles in our juice.  And let’s add some cedar greens.

I am a very big fan of foraging wild plants in the forest, you would be very surprised to find out how does my breakfast looks like when I walk my dog in the forest! And I don’t eat a lot, just a few bites here and there. I try buds, I eat seeds, pine or spruce needles can find some leaves under the snow, and then I teach 2-3 Yoga classes in a row being full of energy. But, sorry, let’s get back to today’s juice.

In winter, when you have no access to the greens you can always sprout almost everything. Most of my ingredients are picked up in the summertime and frozen, like rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, etc., but sometimes I crave something. This time it was spinach, so, hmmm, yes, guilty of going to the store and buying spinach, swiss chard, and celery.

And finally, the whole recipe:

Please, note that I did not take more than the amount mentioned above for the wild plants. They are extremely powerful. None of the vitamins you ever take will come close to the energy level of the wild plants.

I made 7 bottles (I re-use LIVE’s bottles) of this truly concentrated juice. Paid ingredients were spinach, wheatgrass, carrots, and swiss chard. It turned out that each bottle was $2.30. Even if you are an experienced juice drinker I would still recommend to dilute it, because you will get too much energy from this drink and will not be able to fall asleep.

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