Benefits of Face Yoga:

Tension release. Very often tension in the face is related to headaches, TMJ syndrome, problem with teeth, etc.  When we grow up we find out that we have to have a serious look on our face. Contracting facial muscles without an appropriate reason sends wrong signals to the nervous system which acts on

Face Yoga Hidden Forest Workshop
Face Yoga

placing nervous blocks into unnecessary places.

Pain release. The first sign that the person is in pain is their face grimace. The first step to release the pain is to relax this area.

Beautifying face. Since the blood circulation gets better, it helps to fill the muscles of the face with more nourishment from the inside. The skin becomes smoother, wrinkles melt, blemishes lighten up, eyes open and eyebrow-hanging skin, lip corners and neck lift up. These are just several advantages!

Calm your face – calm your mind. If you are able to relax your face at your will you are able to concentrate on anything that you need a lot faster.

Disappearance of major facial issues. Nervous ticks are easily removed with this type of Yoga, even the ones that have bothered you for years.

Neck/upper back release. Most of the major issues with the neck are easily treatable with Face Yoga and as a result, provide better posture, better circulation, better eyesight and more.

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