Sometimes I just can’t help it. It is when people tell you to stretch the neck or crack it.

Neck and Shoulder Warm up




Think of a piece of clay being in your freezer for a day. You take it out of the freezer and you want it to bend to a certain shape. You will simply break it!

But what if you want it to warm up first – putting from one hand to another, gentle squeezes, patting…And it becomes payable.

Any stretches require warm up.

Any workout routines require warm up.

Any sport movements require warm up.

Any Yoga sequence.

Any type of dance.

Any singing.

Any drawing or painting needs material preparation.

This 4 mins video will prepare your neck, shoulders and upper back for any type of movements or stretches in the mentioned areas. Even could stop your headaches related to tension in your neck and shoulders.

The secret is – just do it!

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