Improve Vision With Eye Exercises

What you’ll learn

  • 1. Improve eyesight, heal eyes, lazy eye exercises, heal eyesight, improve vision, restore eyesight, improve astigmatism, eye twitching relief
  • 2. Quickly release eye strain, importance of proper breathing, palming as deep eye relaxation, energizing your eyes
  • 3. Get rid of eye twitching and strengthen your vision
  • 4. Learn easy mandatory daily habits when working with vision
  • 5. What food to eat to speed up eye healing
  • 6. Relax and hydrate your eyes with different water procedures
  • 7. How to energize your eyes
  • 8. How to perform Eye Acupressure
  • 9. How and why to blink
  • 10. Stretching the muscles of the eyes to release eye strain and pressure
  • 11. Balancing the ocular muscles and activation of peripheral vision
  • 12. Conscious control of tension and relaxation of the visual system
  • 13. How to normalize the shape of the eyeball
  • 14. Improving the functioning of the muscles of the lens

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