If you read my previous article about neck traction devices you, probably know my answer. But it was about DEVICES. So, if it is not about devices what is it about then?

What is the neck anyway?

It is a bunch of barrel-looking bones, connecting with ligaments that have cushions with slimy stuff inside of them. And, there is a part of the brain that runs through it that has to be intact. 

So, if these squishy cushions get ruptured and slimy stuff would protrude out they might touch nerves coming out of the spinal canal and even make it narrower. These awful things are called protrusions and stenosis.

So, what do you do if this happens?

First, you think about why it happened and never repeat it. Then you go through all of the appropriate tests (ask me which ones you have to order from your family doctor) and then you will see how serious your condition is. But in any case, you will be able to help yourself by starting with a simple massage of trapezius muscles (the ones behind the ridge of your shoulders) and fold into forward bend with bent knees.

When you repeat it for 3-4 minutes try to gently nod your head while in forward bend. Get up slowly, because you could be extremely dizzy and it is absolutely fine because you are freeing up blood vessels and blood is now rushing through your arteries and veins freely.

Neck Traction – Nodding

The next one is the same, but instead of nodding your head grab your ears with your hands and help yourself by saying No by your hands. Make sure there is absolutely no tension in your neck muscles while you do both of these exercises. Straighten up super slowly due to possible dizziness.

I don’t recommend this to anyone who has high blood pressure, glaucoma, or is pregnant. There are certain modifications that have to be made in these particular cases.

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