Testimonials for Tibetan Honey Detox treatment Workshop

Testimonials for Detox Retreat, Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Hidden Forest Yoga Studio, King, Ontario

       “I loved the yoga, the space, the attention to detail.  The food was amazing and made with so much love!  The walk in the woods was beautiful and Jane’s knowledge of plants was so exciting.  Jane & Dayes’ love of their craft shone through the day and I am so thankful to have been part of it all.”

Blessings, Sally Martin

“This is my first retreat and I came with an open mind on most of the activities planned for the group, so I liked all activities planned.  The one activity I was looking forward to the most was the forgiveness ceremony.  I now know it is a fire ceremony and it is kind of similar to the Buddhist fire ceremony I used to participate.  I like the raw food lunch, soup and raw apple pie.  All delicious!”

Robert Wong, King City

“I enjoyed the day very much and was so happy the timing was right and I was able to come.  I especially enjoyed the yoga class, the hike and learning about wild edibles and the lovely dog, named Ray!  The food was outstanding!  The paceLearning Wild Edible Plants of the day was comfortable and relaxed.  Both Jane & Daye are a perfect pair and balance of knowledge and energy.  I loved the Honey Treatment and learning this specific technique to aid in my own self healing.  There was just the right amount of time to put our thoughts on paper for the fire ceremony.  It was so helpful to receive love, guidance from both Daye  & Jane about putting our thoughts together.  The fire ceremony was calm and rejuvenating.  I left feeling relaxed and renewed and optimistic!  The only thing I would suggest is to use some of the wild edibles for tea to share with the group such as pine needle/hemlock/cedar.  Beautiful day!  Thank you so much for offering this wonderful gift.  I feel blessed.”

Love & blessings, Joanne Kromberg, Newmarket

“The walk in the forest was amazing.  I learned so much about trees that I did not know previously.  Your Mandelas are wonderful.  I really cannot think of anything I did not like. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!”

Margaret Jenkins, Newmarket

“I liked: The ease of the day, relaxed, humour and learning.  Yoga was awesome Wild Edible Plant Walk and keeping aligned to detoxing.  Food … and the spacing of each ‘serving’ was perfect and delicious!  Honey treatment – well, I am intrigued and will seek out more information from Jane.  The surroundings are beautiful and so inviting.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.”

Namaste,  Patti Martin

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the retreat at Hidden Forest.  Learned so much.  The yoga instructor gave you enough time to get into your moves and the trail walk was very interesting – amazing what is around us.  The organic meal was delicious.  The Honey Detox Treatment was very helpful and I was totally enraptured by the procedure.  Last of all, the fire with the ladies was all very lovely.  Thank-you for your kindness.”

Sincerely,  M.A. Almond