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This must look familiar to you.

And it must be getting exhausting for you because you try to get so much done!

Sure, some days you’ve got a little less to do and you still have the time to do more

But do you have the energy?  Do you want to do more?

Meet Lyubov.

Yoga for Seniors

She’s a 92 year-old great grandmother with 2 children, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. She worked as a munitions worker in World War Two, as an electrician during the Cold War years and saw the rise of technology in this new millennium. She’s seen a lot and she’s accomplished a lot. In her 80’s she even ran (or rather, lightly jogged) after an ice cream truck with one of her grand kids. If that’s not a big accomplishment, I don’t know what is.

In her 90s, she chose her activity of choice to be yoga. As a yoga instructor (and her grand-daughter), I thought, Great! She now has something to do other than run after ice cream trucks with my kids.

Aside from the fact that she can practice yoga in any season, there was something more that grandma saw in yoga:


She got MORE energy because she started to move MORE. In a way that benefited her. She stopped worrying about precise instructions and started listening to what her body wanted to do.

What she realized finally about yoga was that:

It’s designed to release your stress, take away your problems, and put a smile on your face. So we’ll find out how your mind and body need to relax and we’ll create a way to practice yoga

to fit you.

Join others who are chasing their dreams or go at ’em individually.


There’s always room. It’s up to you.

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