Unlike the typical studio where you’re the one asking questions about what they have to offer, our studio asks what you are looking for, so that the type of classes you choose fits you. No matter if the session is group yoga, semi-private, private, or corporate, we try to cater to every single individual need. That’s why before you even attend the first free class (Yes, that’s right, the first class is FREE), we ask you questions like:

And that gives us an idea of how to help you.

As you have probably realized by looking around on the website, we don’t pack our Schedule too tight. That’s because most people decide to do private classes. Yes, we do cater to groups, but because we have such a strong understanding (and excitement!) of how the human body works, we know that one glove doesn’t fit all. What might be the solution for one person could be severely damaging to another. So that’s why our expertise is in helping to correct the problems of each individual. We can do this in a group or one-on-one, but know this: it won’t be the basic yoga class where each person is expected to be able to do the same thing. Besides, what’s the point of putting you into a difficult pose if it doesn’t benefit you?

Here at Hidden Forest, we strive to make you feel warm, welcomed, and comfortable with the way in which your mind and body are working together to heal. Whether it be a serious injury, accident, work-related pain, emotional trauma or anything else, you’ll be surrounded by people just like you.

This includes Jane Kabarguina, the director of the yoga studio, who has experienced serious injuries from childhood all the way to now. In addition to healing herself of physical and emotional traumas, Jane has written 2 books that are purchased worldwide and wrote an article about natural eyesight improvement that has been translated to 14 languages and read by more than a million people. Combining her real-life experience of life injuries, work-related trauma, and years of research with her yoga training, Jane successfully has healed and continues to heal those who need her help.

Hidden Forest Studio is conveniently located in York Region in King City, Ontario, close to Aurora, Newmarket, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Nobleton, Schomberg, Bradford, Holland Landing, etc.

Our Studio is located at

300 Spruce Hill Rd.,

King City, Ontario, L7B 1A3

Our Phone: 416-277-5432

Our Email: info (at) snezha.com



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