Meet Iryna. She’s a 45 year old champion, and a stunner. She’s also the Head of Nursing at the hospital she works at. Her occupation is comprised of working both days and nights, sometimes up to 14 hours. She’s on her feet all the time. And she has to do A LOT of heavy lifting.

So, when she became the victim of a T-bone collision in on April 16th 2016 that created a serious problem. Not only for her occupation, but also for her physical and psychological health.

This is Iryna with a tomato. Sexy, right?

Here were the biggest problems she encountered as a result of the accident:

What a list.

Where does yoga practice come into play then?

Well, after going to physiotherapy and taking medications for a month, there was no improvement. And Iryna’s got things to do. She needs to take care of people at home and at the hospital, but she can’t take care of anyone before she takes care of herself.

It is also important to note that she had sustained a left shoulder rotator cuff injury 4 years ago and about 6 months after beginning yoga practice 2 years ago, her shoulder opened up, making it a lot easier for her to do other types of movement! Before that, she had not done any type of exercise on a regular basis.

She realized that yoga class had significantly helped her before the accident happened. In addition to healing her shoulder, she also experienced an increase in energy level and improved posture. So she asked us what she could do to speed up her recovery, particularly in reference to the pain in her spine.

Because we had so much personal experience with trauma and injuries, coupled with our experience of healing others just like her who had gone through serious injuries, we knew what Iryna needed to do in order to recover.

Before we get into what recommendations we gave, we’ll make clear that we didn’t allow her to come to class for 6 weeks after her accident. After 6 weeks had passed, we allowed Iryna to attend the Thursday morning classes which were lighter than the Tuesday and Thursday evening classes that she usually attended. And by no means did we tell her to replicate exactly what we were showing her to do.

Unlike many other yoga studios who preach executing poses in the way as everyone else in the class, we believe that this is unacceptable. The whole point of yoga is liberation so you should be practicing in a way that makes you comfortable and leads you to achieve this goal as effortlessly as possible. We strive to make everyone feel welcome because we know how cumbersome it is of a process to heal.

Here are the specific poses we recommended her to do:

For her psychological issues, we recommended:

The rest resolved itself when she began to recover. She began to smile again with the fact that she could get behind the wheel and was no longer afraid to get behind the wheel for fear of another accident. She became in love with the way her body healed itself, and it just became easier to breathe. With her physical recovery came her mental recovery!

In summary:

If you are having problems with healing your body after an accident, contact us to see if we can give you a recommendation. We are always here to help.

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