During the last retreat we decided to demonstrate to the participants how the condition of psychological health can be significantly improved during only a few

Aura radius progression
Aura radius progression

hours. The only quick measurement of this could be the radius of the aura, since it depends on the emotional, cardio, mental and psychological health. The participants were measured upon arrival, after special Yoga session that was designed based on the blockages in the meridians averaged to the number of the participants. The third point of measuring was completed after consumption of the raw food prepared mostly from the local plants, nuts and sprouts and after the walk in the forest.

As it is easily seen on the chart there is the significant difference between the radius when we started and when we measured the third time.

Also need to mention that one of the layers in the auric field is electromagnetic radiation which is captured by Kirlian photography. The major organ that produces electromagnetic field in the human body is heart therefore auric field detects the condition of cardiovascular system as well along with psychological health, spiritual development and amount of energy.

Daily-Meridians-Circuit-04-Large-812x1024*Most of the blockages were in the Heart, Lung, Spleen and Gallbladder meridians.

The Yoga poses used: All of the variations of Bhudjangasana, variations Pashimottanasana, crossed legged Pashimottanasana and Uttanasana, Vasistasana with side openers, etc.

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