How to build kitchen DIY – part 1

If you want to save thousands by building kitchen yourself you can do exactly the same as we did when we decided that we want beautiful little kitchen by the first Fall retreat. And by doing this you already follow Rule#1 – time constraint. Rule#2: before you begin to look for anything you have to … Read more

One Day with Garry Tibbo and Jane Kabarguina

One Day with Garry Tibbo and Jane Kabarguina Guess what happens when Jane and Garry come to together? Guess how you feel when you spend just one day with these two individuals? This is nothing to compare with because it is experimental program that Jane and Garry invented during Self-Healing Festival in Toronto. Quick glance … Read more

Fall Retreat at Hidden Forest in King City

This Fall Retreat Detox with Yoga, Raw Cooking & Tibetan Honey  will focus on Detox in order to prepare for the winter and boost the immune system. Date and Time: October 18 Place: 300 Spruce Hill Rd., King city Cost: $135 ($20 off if registered before October 1st) Contact: 416-277-5432 Itinerary: 10:30-11:00 am Arrival 11:00-12:15 … Read more

If you decide to work on your face

What type of activities do you have to look at when you decide to make your face beautiful? Let’s list all of the steps that we usually go through during our Mini Retreats/Workshops : Measuring Hair whorl, how far is it from normal state and how to correct it Opening meditation to discover the areas … Read more

Shoulders and Yoga – 100% that you DON’T know that you are ruining your shoulders

Shoulder Clinic Workshop at a glance Identifying how much the joint is open and points of work Meditation with Unwinding technique Dangerous Yoga for injured shoulder poses and how to modify them to make these poses beneficial for you Stretching along Meridians: Heart, Lung and Pericardium Strengthening all of the areas around shoulder joint Posture, … Read more

Face Yoga & etc. at a Glance (workshop at Hidden Forest Studio)

Opening meditation to discover the areas of work in the face Checking major nervous branches in the facial area and releasing nervous clamps with the vedic methods of self sacral cranial manual techniques Finding scull holes, opening them up and moving the bones to the original places in order to restore the blood flow, to … Read more

Virasana Pose

If this pose looks pretty simple to you, then your eyes deceive you. Although it may seem like this pose is one that lets you relax on your knees, it actually requires much flexibility from the ankles, thighs and hip flexors. You are indeed a hero if you can master this pose delicately without feeling … Read more

Face Yoga Workshop

Benefits of Face Yoga: Tension release. Very often tension in the face is related to headaches, TMJ syndrome, problem with teeth, etc.  When we grow up we find out that we have to have a serious look on our face. Contracting facial muscles without an appropriate reason sends wrong signals to the nervous system which acts on … Read more

July Workshop Schedule

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm we are going to have workshops related to healing. July list of Wednesday Workshops at Hidden Forest Studio: July 2 – Feet Healing Yoga July 9 – Mandala Construction (Mathematical and Psychological) July 16 – Face Yoga (recommended for public speakers) as well as for women above 30 years old … Read more

Sneak Peek at the Hidden Forest Studio

Did a few quick shots of our Hidden Forest Healing Space.

Hidden Forest Yoga Studio Space
Studio Space

This gleaming floor with beautiful swirls is made out of cork. It is cushioned, warm, appealing to the eyes and has calming energy.

For the washroom we used left-over tiles of different sizes. For the countertop in the washroom we cut reclaimed piece of black walnut and

Hidden Forest Stduio Washroom

planed it to see the beautiful natural colors of the wood. We put a few coats of bee’s wax and varnish to preserve the wood from the water damage.

Behind the Studio we started Spiral Labyrinth. If you feel lost or your thoughts are rushing through your head, please come by and keep our Labyrinth going.

Spiral Labyrinth behind Hidden Forest Yoga Studio
Spiral Labyrinth
Cozy Blankets at Hidden Forest Studio for your Savasana Time of Thai Yoga Massage
Cozy Blankets for your Savasana
The View from one of the Windows at Hidden Forest Yoga Studio
The View from one of the windows

What is New?

Added morning classes 9:30 am  – Energy Yoga Monday/Tuesday/Thursday Includes elements of Qigong, secret vedic types of breathing and movements to increase the density of your energy field and stabilize emotional balance.

York Region Raw Food Potluck

Let’s get back together for the potluck. We didn’t have it for a while. Since I have the space now, we can take over my brand new Yoga Studio and 6 acres of forest! What could be better? Here are the dates I have available for us to pick. Please, choose what is more desirable … Read more